We also work with other Wisconsin Licensed Private Investigators.

Attorney Services:

  • Criminal and Civil investigations

  • image Client Support services for clients of the defense and civil cases.

  • Pre-sentence Investigation Reports (PSIR)
  • image Gather information and evidence.

  • Record Retrieval

  • Record retrieval service is to provide thorough and efficient process of obtaining a variety of records about the case.

    Other Services:

    At Eye On You, we will take the time needed to uniquely design our service package that suits your needs.

  • Background Checks

  • For a peace of mind, knowing who you are involved with- hiring, care takers etc., Knowing Who you trust and who you will allow to come into your home, into your life. A background check can give you some insight into their character.

  • Service of Process

  • Delivery of a writ, summons, or other legal papers to a person required to respond to them.

  • Surveillance

  • Is the ability to keep an eye on and observe people and places from a distance.

  • Bug Sweep

  • Designed to protect people from privacy invasions.

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    The initial consultation is free.

    Discount rates for new clients.

    We require a contract and retainer for our services. The reason for the contract is to protect the client as well as the investigator. This will help alleviate any misunderstandings, no hidden fees, or charges. The contract will be in agreement between the client and investigator in order for services to begin.

    We will not parcicipate in actions and activities that appear to be illegal or unethical.

    For further information or free consultation you may contact 920-202-1284 or Email to